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Meet our Founder

Bob Schinker
Chief Innovation Officer
Bob MSC Portrait edit.jpg


Nextperience founder Bob Schinker, discovered his passion for events and entertainment at an early age His first Magic Show at age 6 was a huge success. This inspired him to continue and grow his talents in engaging and entertaining audiences and the rest is history.

Bob was an early pioneer in the Green Screen Photo/Video activation market and at the very beginning of an industry called Event Marketing.

Bob's Magic is seeing what's under the next tent before others do and using that talent to continually create new and exciting products and project solutions. He was ahead of the curve on utilizing the social media opportunities to connect brands with consumers. He always has something new up his sleeve!

Over the years Bob has assembled a talented team of like minded event marketing pros, who together conceive and create what's next.


Check out Shark Tank's "Mr Wonderful" Kevin O'Learly's shout out to Bob.

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